Below, you'll find tips for safe and effective Hosting, helping you create a winning listing, choose guests, and be prepared for contingencies.

Creating an Awesome Listing

Your listing is your full-color brochure and your rule book. Taking the time to make it shine and to clarify your rules and expectations will pay off.

There are three main components that make up an awesome listing: the listing description, photographs, and the house rules.

  • Listing Description:

    Describe your listing in detail. What kind of things would you like to know about the listing if you were considering renting it? Does it have a view? Is it near local attractions? Does getting to the front door require ascending a lot of stairs? Be creative, but honest.

  • Photographs of Your Space:

    Photos are an integral part of the decision making process when it comes to booking a Nudist property. For recommendations on how to make your photos stand out, see Photo Tips.

  • House Rules:

    Do you have expectations about age, occupancy restrictions, and guest behavior? If yes, say so. Conditions for check in, such as identification, rental agreements, and key pickup, should also be listed here.

Security Deposits

Security deposits provide priceless peace of mind, and they're an easy feature to add to your listing. When hosting, minor damage to your Nudist property can and will occur. A broken dish, a stain on the carpet, a cracked window or a hole in a wall can accidentally occur at any time. A reasonable and refundable security deposit will act as a small insurance policy for both you, the Host, and your Nudist Guest.

Reservation Requirements

You can set custom parameters for messages and reservation requests, which means guests who don't meet your requirements can't send you a message or attempt a reservation until they fulfill your requirements.

Selections for reservation requirements include: verified phone numbers, complete profiles with photos and descriptions, location information, and trip context or purpose.

Cleaning Fees

For your convenience, you can set cleaning fees that will be automatically collected each time you accept a reservation. These are typically not refunded after your Nudist Guest's stay, and should not be confused with a Security Deposit.


Purchasing an insurance policy is a simple, affordable way to protect your property. Some Insurance Policies do not cover damage incurred by Guests. We recommend speaking with your insurance provider to explore your options.

How to Choose Guests

Asking questions is a major part of the screening process. Get to know your potential guests and make sure you have a comfortable rapport. We recommend scheduling a phone call instead of emailing. Be prepared to answer the guest's questions, as well.


Here are some preliminary questions to get the ball rolling:

  • What's the purpose of your trip?
  • How many people are you traveling with?
  • What are their ages and relationship to you?
  • Where are you traveling from?

Make sure that guests have completed their profile verifications. If they haven't, ask them to do so.


Check for verified phone numbers, connected social networks like Facebook, and references.


A positive review is perhaps the best indication of the authenticity of your potential guest. Because Bare Naked Rentals's reviews are a snapshot of a real experience between parties, it's a good indication of your guest's reputation and how they have conducted themselves not only in the reservation process, but in any previous rental experiences.

Trust Your Instincts

If, after corresponding with a guest, you are hesitant about accepting a rental request for any reason, trust your instincts. At Bare Naked Rentals, you are never under any obligation to accept a reservation.

How to Be Prepared
Be Clear About the Rules…on Paper!

Providing clear, written instructions on how you expect your guests to behave in your home can save you a lot of aggravation down the road. If you have a no smoking policy, for instance, be firm and say so. You have the right to call the shots about what is and isn't allowed in your Resort, home or property.

Remember: We're Here for You

Even with the most thorough planning, things don't always go as intended. We're always available to provide phone, chat and email support. Contact us here.

If you ever feel unsafe or threatened, please contact the local police or emergency services.

Stow Valuables

The best way to protect your valuables and irreplaceable items is to remove them from your rental property BEFORE your Nudist Guests arrive. The same goes for any sensitive documents. If they can't be removed, you may want to consider a secure, locked space to store items you don't want guests to access.

Meet Your Guests

Whenever possible, it's in your best interests to meet your guests. If you can't meet in person, ask a trusted neighbor or friend to meet them on your behalf. It's also a good idea to inform your neighbors that you plan to have guests. In turn, let your guests know that your neighbors are available in case of emergency.